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Year round treatment for sweet itch in horses.

Anyone with a horse with sweet itch knows it is awful to watch the animal itch and rub as they look for anything to give a moment of relief. Imagine how painful it is to be irritated and not be able to scratch. Horses will rub on anything the can find — from fences to trees and stall doors. They even drop to the dirt to rub their bellies back and forth on the earth.

In untreated cases, their hair coat, mane and tail may be rubbed out. Sometimes their skin is raw. Many horse owners spend hundreds of dollars on liters of fly spray every season. Then the same owners turn around and spend even more repairing fences which have been damaged by tormented horses.



Equine Lotion – 32 oz Bottle                                       Equine Lotion – 4 oz Trial Bottle

$60.00                                                                                   $9.99